UIS Baseball Team Camp

The team camp allows the UIS coaching staff to instruct and develop players and teams through individual and team instruction and games on the UIS campus. Pregame activities include on field batting practice and warmup activities overseen by UIS camp staff. This is a great change of pace from the traditional “big weekend travel tournaments” because you are guaranteed to have college coaches at your game.

Team Camp Information
Ages: 14 - 17
Cost: $500 per team;
$125 per team for additional games
17U Tournament
August 1st - 2nd
17U Tournament
August 22nd

Location: UIS Campus

For confirmation of dates contact coach Petzoldt (573) 225.0070 to check availability of date and age group.

Format: The structure of these events can vary upon coaches request and preferences.

Additional games can be added the next day upon request.

* Coaches please email Coach Petzoldt a Roster and the contact information for each of your players and or parents so that we can send them medical waiver form. (lpetz2@uis.edu)

* Questions call Coach Petzoldt at 573.225.0070

* Games will be umpired by UIS personnel from behind the mound